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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Earthbound Farm kicked off their annual Chef Walk in Carmel Valley today. It is always wonderful to get out in the "dirt" and harvest. If you are not familiar with the Chef Walk, it goes like this. A guest Chef, {in this case my husband Craig} and farmer Mark {a fellow hillbilly} escort guest to the fields to walk, talk, learn and harvest what's in season. The Chef then demonstrates a dish or two with the bounty for all to enjoy. You leave with a new recipe, your produce and a "thing or two"'' about healthy organic growth as Earthbound Farm celebrates 25 years of Food to live by. Today the menu was based around Baby Gem Lettuces and Savoy Spinach resulting in 2 amazing salads! {even if he is my husband...they were great!} For the recipes click the links below although it takes a few days to post. What does this have to do with Letterpress you ask? Countless Inspiration for new eco-friendly Wedding Invitation designs and recalling a wonderful idea for Wedding Parties. The Idea comes from a conversation at a local Bridal event with Janice Twomey, the catering sales manager at Carmel Valley Ranch. Why not arrange for a "Wedding Party Chef Walk" as part of the celebration with family and friends? I think it is an amazing idea for the perfect "green" addition to your wedding celebration.

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