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Sunday, September 6, 2009


I am a re-purposer of sorts. I like to find another good use for things other than the intended one. Growing up, a coffee can had many lives...it held nails, screws, bolts, seeds, buttons, pens & pencils, mud pies, plant starts, scraps...you get the idea. At the end of its life, it was hammered flat and put into a box to then be recycled. Today I am thrilled to see these "we survived the depression" ways of living resurfacing. IDEA: I buy limes and lemons that come in the plastic mesh bag and I found the ultimate reuse-I store my bulbs in them each season. The bulbs get plenty of air, I can write over the label as to the contents and they stack/store in the shed until ready to plant again. While on the topic of bags, check these out...reMADE USA.

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