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Friday, August 7, 2009


I sit here with my 40+ year old Girl Scout sash, complete with the tattered badges for sewing, cooking and first aid. I remember the trips to GS Camp, the meetings after school and SELLING COOKIES. The Thin Mint, is a bit of tradition in most America households. As youngsters, we learned responsibility and how to interact with people by selling cookies. Our customers were able to support a very worthwhile national organization. The fact that someone would rip off the recipes and try to compete with the Girl Scouts for piggish profits is bad. I don't go looking for these bad acts, Wal Mart just seems to do them repeatedly. Knocking off 2 Girl Scout cookies to resell under their own name is shameful, even if they do give RV's a free ride in their parking lots. My advice, don't shop there and eat the real cookie, by buying yours from a Girl Scout.

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