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Monday, October 5, 2009


Heartbroken, laying in piles of my Gourmet subscriptions that date back to the last 10 years-there are more, but these are the most accessible at this moment-I can't believe what I just read.... "Conde Nast Closing Gourmet Magazine". After 68 years one would think about a bi-monthly subscription or ask the subscribers to pay a little more per subscription before just saying good-bye altogether? I left Bon Appetit for the new direction of Gourmet years ago, so I guess my remaining subscription will go back to a very basic BA. Soon, what will become of print media with all of these closures? With nothing left to print, are printers next? From where I stand, which most of the time is behind a century old vintage Letterpress, I certainly hope not.
Alas, Gourmet, you will be missed in my kitchen.

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