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Monday, June 1, 2009


AT&T PARK, San Francisco a Sunday afternoon game...even after loosing yesterday to the Giants, 5-3, we love our Redbirds! It reminded me of the joyous 4 hour drive we would make to Busch Stadium on a sweltering July afternoon to cheer on our favorite team, the St Louis Cardinals. Yesterday, the fog rolled in as we had our beer and hot dog tail gate, a wonderful view of the Bay Bridge and lots of Cardinal's fans! My husband, also a fan since childhood, scored some great seats between home and first. The only thing we missed was the Mike Shannon KTRS broadcast. EXPLANATION: My dad had it down...when the game was on TV, he would turn down the volume and tune the radio to Mike Shannon's call of the game. Thank goodness for the MLB baseball package as even in CA we can watch all the Cardinal's games. We even, on occasion, turn down the volume, tune in KTRS on the computer and cheer them on the way to another World Series Championship....

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